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The Blacklist Lookup tool is a free service that allows you to check whether an IP address or domain name has been blacklisted by Google's Safe Browsing API.

The Blacklist Lookup tool allows you to search the Internet's blacklists for any domain or IP address. It's a convenient way to check if your site is listed on any blacklist and see what other sites are being flagged as malicious by other users.

The tool lets you select which lists you want to search, including: Malware/viruses (e.g., ESET), phishing sites (e.g., Google), botnets (e.g., Zeus) and websites with adult content (e.g., Porn). It also shows results from all lists combined so that you can get an overall picture of where threats are coming from across the web.

A black list is a list of IP addresses or domains that have been determined to be malicious, dangerous or otherwise undesirable. All major web browsers include an internal blacklist for sites that do not play by the rules (such as pop-up ads). This article talks about how to use a black list lookup tool in your scripts and applications.

The first thing you need is a blacklist lookup tool. You can use the one built into Firefox, Chrome and Safari (or any other browser), but this may not give you all the information you need if there are multiple entries in different countries (e.g., Germany). To get more information on any entry in a particular country's blacklist, use the below code: