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About URL Encoder / Decoder

The URL Encoder / Decoder tool allows you to convert any text into a shortened, encoded string.

This is useful if you want the end user's browser address bar to display a short version of your website's URL instead of the full address. When using an encoded URL, visitors will still be able to access all of your site's pages in the same way and with no change in functionality or usability.

The tool works by taking text input (such as a blog post title) and outputting it as a long series of letters separated by hyphens (-). Each letter represents one character in the original string — so "two-point-five" becomes "25". The result is shorter than the original but retains its meaning without having to use numbers or other symbols like percent signs ("%) or ampersands ("&").
The URL encoder/decoder is a tool to generate short, easy-to-remember URLs. You can use the encoder for converting long URLs into shorter ones, or for creating unique and memorable links.

The decoder does just the opposite: it takes shortened URLs and converts them back into their original form.