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About Google Cache Checker

Google Cache Checker tool

The Google Cache Checker tool allows you to see what Google's cached version of your page looks like. This is useful for finding out if there are any problems with your site that are causing it to be slow or not load properly. It also lets you check whether there are any images on the page that have been cropped or edited in some way by someone else.

This Google Cache Checker tool checks if the URL has been cached by Google. If it has, then we show you where the cached version is and how long it's been there. We also tell you who else has found this page via Google searches so that you can see what other people are looking for when they search for your site or brand name.

The tool works by searching through all of Google's caches (which contain un-indexed versions of webpages). When we find a match, we mark it in our graph with an orange circle around it. You can hover over each marker to see which version of the page was found and where on the world map it was located at time of capture (if available).

The Google Cache Checker tool lets you check if the page has been cached by Google. This is a useful way to determine whether your site's content is being shown in search results, or if it's simply not appearing on the page at all. In addition, this tool will tell you how long the cached version of your page has been up on Google's servers.