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About Website Links Count Checker

The website links count checker tool is designed to help you find out how many external links there are to your website. This information can be very useful in determining how much traffic you're getting from other websites and sources, as well as where it's coming from (e.g., social media).

The tool takes the URL of your site and checks it against Google's search engine for any results that contain the link or reference your domain name. It then computes a score based on the total number of times that link appears across all domains, broken down by category — ecommerce sites get their own section since they tend to have high levels of commerce-related internal linking).

This tool is a quick, but powerful way to get the statistics on your links. It's built in Google Sheets so that you can adjust the formula and add columns of data if necessary.

The first column is where you enter the URL of your website or blog (e.g., The second column contains a list of all domains associated with that URL; this includes subdomains and any other websites linking back to yours, as well as pages that don't link back at all (e.g., images). The third column contains the number of times each domain has been visited by someone coming from your site (or another site) within the last 30 days; this figure represents how many times people clicked through on webpages containing links pointing back at them—and not necessarily how many times they clicked directly on those links themselves! The fourth column lists outbound links from each domain along with their corresponding anchor text; here we're looking for words like "click here" or "read more" which indicate an actual clickthrough event occurred when someone clicked onto one of these anchor tags from anywhere else on the internet