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About Domain Hosting Checker

The Domain Hosting Checker tool allows you to quickly and easily check whether a domain is hosted with any of our partners. It also provides an easy way for you to compare prices between different hosting providers, if necessary.

To use the tool:

1) Enter the domain name into the field below (e.g., "").

2) Click on "Check". If your site is hosted by one of our partners, they will be listed here in green text with their corresponding price next to it. If not, they'll simply be listed as an option but no pricing info will be provided since there's no guarantee that this host will offer what you need at a reasonable price point.-

Domain Hosting Checker tool

The Domain Hosting Checker tool provides a quick way to see whether your domain is hosted on the right server and at the right location. You can also use this tool to compare hosting options from different providers or locations.

To use the tool, enter your domain name in the box below then click “Check”:

The domain hosting checker tool is a simple and easy way to check if your domain name is hosted on a reliable web hosting service. The tool will also tell you how many visitors your site gets and what countries they come from.

To use the Domain Hosting Checker tool, simply enter the address of any website into the search box at top left of this page, then click 'Check Hosting'. If there's no result for that address then it means that the site isn't hosted on any host – it could be an unmanaged WordPress blog site or something else entirely! In this case we'd recommend that you try another address instead (e.g.: http://www2.example). You can also narrow down results by using filters such as 'hosting type' ('hosting') or 'location' ('US').