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About URL Rewriting Tool

The URL Rewriting Tool lets you rewrite your URLs to make them more search-friendly and readable. You can change up to 10 different URLs at once, which means that this tool is great for rebranding or changing your domain name without having to update each page individually.

The URL Rewriting Tool also works with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, so if you want to start using those as part of your marketing strategy then this tool will be very useful for you! The URL Rewriting Tool is a free tool that lets you rewrite any URL so that it will open in the browser of your choice. You can even rewrite URLs on external sites, such as Facebook or Twitter.

The tool supports Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers, but not Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge (yet). Go to https://url-rewriting-tool.com/ for more details about how this works and how much time you can save by using it.