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About Email Privacy

A growing number of people are concerned about the way their personal data is being used by companies and advertisers. This is particularly true when it comes to email privacy, as many people don't even realize that their emails are being tracked or analyzed by third-party services like Google.

If you're worried about the privacy of your emails, here are some things you can do:

Don't use unencrypted end-to-end emails

Avoid sharing sensitive information in emails (e.g., credit card numbers)


A privacy tool is a special email service that protects your messages from prying eyes. It keeps your emails private, secure and available only to those who have been invited by you.

There are many reasons why people choose to use a privacy tool for their emails:

They want to keep personal information about themselves private (like their address or phone number).

 They want to share sensitive information with trusted friends or business associates without it getting into the wrong hands and being used against them in any way.

 They simply don't want anyone else seeing what they write when they're sending an email message — whether it's because they feel that it'll be more effective this way or because they don't trust other people enough not to disclose too much personal information about themselves!