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The Page Size Checker tool will help you determine how much space should be allocated for each element of your page. It uses a similar approach to Google's Material Design guide, which recommends that you use between 40–60% of the available space for text and images.

The Page Size Checker tool checks your web pages' font size, image sizes, line lengths and column heights against this recommendation. It also highlights any elements that are outside this range so that you can fix them immediately — no need to keep checking up on individual elements after they've been fixed!
The Page Size Checker tool lets you check the size of your pages on Google Search, Bing, Yahoo and Baidu. It works in much the same way as other tools but with a few differences that make it unique among its competitors:

1. You can see how well your page ranks for different keywords by searching for them in the search bar at the top of each results page.

2. Each result shows two columns: The first column displays information about your site (such as title, description and number of internal links). The second column contains statistics from Alexa - including traffic rank and estimated visits per month - along with social media data such as Facebook likes or Twitter shares if applicable (note that some sites may not have any of these). 3. To get an idea of how well your page performs compared to others within its category (e.g., blogs vs news), click on “Compare” next to each result and select another category from there (). 4. You can view up to 10 results per query without having to enter another query term at all!

The tool uses an advanced algorithm which allows it to calculate the size of your pages based on the content (text, images and other media) as well as their position in relation to each other. It can also tell you whether or not there are any problems with loading times or memory consumption.