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About Link Price Calculator

The Link Price Calculator tool can help you determine how much traffic your website needs, based on the number of links it has. This is a fairly simple process:

1) Enter the number of links and clicks per visit into the calculator’s fields below.

2) Click “Calculate” to see what percentage of visitors are coming from search engines.

3) Based on this percentage, you can estimate how many visits per day you need to reach your target audience through organic search engine rankings.

The Link Price Calculator is a useful tool for estimating the value of links to your website. The tool calculates the average number of visits per month and determines the average cost per visitor based on factors like location and device type. You can then compare these numbers to determine whether or not it's worth buying links from sites that offer them.

The Link Price Calculator tool allows you to see how much traffic a link from your site will bring, and what this means in terms of revenue for the site that links back to yours. You can also use this tool as an estimate for any other type of link (such as social media or editorial) where there isn't necessarily a direct correlation between number of visits and value .

The calculator takes into account three factors:

1 The size of your audience (how many people visit your site).

2 The frequency with which they visit (how often they come back).

3 The duration of each visit (how long they stay when they come back).