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About Page Speed Checker

The Page Speed Checker is a free tool from that lets you test the speed of your website and make sure it's fast enough for visitors.

This tool uses a range of different metrics to determine how fast your site loads, including:

How long does it take for your page to load?

    The amount of time spent loading each element on the page (e.g., images, scripts).

    The number of times visitors must tap or click before they can access content on the page.

The Page Speed Checker tool is a free service that allows you to test the performance of your webpage and determine how fast it loads.

The tool works by sending a request from your computer through different locations around the world and then recording how much time it takes for each location to return the response back to your computer.

This data can then be used as an indicator of how fast or slow your page is loading compared with other locations around the world.

The tool has these main features:

1) The Load Time metric (in seconds) shows how long it takes for each page element to load on average across all visits. This value is based on an analysis of over 1 billion pages crawled by Googlebot so it should be fairly accurate across different devices and locations.

2) The Performance metric (in %), shows how well each page element performs when compared with its peers in terms of actual download speed, bits per second and latency (the amount of time between clicks). This comparison will tell you whether something like JS rasterized images are slowing down the site or if there’s an issue with end-user hardware/software that needs fixing ASAP!