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About Broken Links Finder

Finding broken links in your website or blog can be a frustrating task, especially if the site has been around for awhile.

A good tool to use is Download Wget, which allows you to automatically download any broken link on your site and replace it with another link of your choice. This way, when someone clicks on the broken link they will immediately be taken to another page where they can continue reading without having to follow through with an additional click.

The Broken Links Finder tool scans your site for broken links and provides a list of all found instances.

The tool can be used as a manual checkup or to run an automated report on your site's link structure. You can choose from two different types of reports: a full report which shows all the links on the page, and an extract report which only shows specific elements (such as images or headers).

The tool checks all pages of your website for broken links and reports them in a list. You can choose the type of report (HTML, CSV), the number of links per page (between 1 and 10) and whether or not to include internal links in the check.

You can also select which pages should be checked for broken links — these can be based on their Title or URL fields, or simply because they contain some text that you want to make sure is working properly.